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  1. Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But ride
  2. Cyclists see considerably more of this beautiful world than any other class of citizens. A good bicycle, well applied, will cure most ills this flesh is heir to
  3. When your legs scream stop and your lungs are bursting, that’s when it starts. That’s the hurt locker. Winners love it in there
  4. Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Teach a man to cycle, and he will realize fishing is stupid and boring
  5. A bicycle ride around the world begins with a single pedal stroke
  6. The best rides are the ones where you bite off much more than you can chew, and live through it
  7. Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike
  8. I don’t ride a bike to add days to my life. I ride a bike to add life to my days
  9. Good morale in cycling comes from good legs
  10. When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking

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