• JANUARY 29, 2018

    Basic Bike And Car Repair Maintenance Tips

    As a bike and car owner, you require understanding the significance of maintaining your vehicles and choosing right autobody Prince Albert. An auto body’s maintenance is much more than maintenance responsibilities that have to be made because it’s the right time. Maintenance is a portion of vehicle ownership that creates a lot of difference in getting stranded and a reliable ride. Basic maintenance of automobile can be efficiently done by taking care of some certain things. These will retain your car and bike in a prominent condition with no or few unpleasant wonders.

    Have a glance over here for getting some ideas for taking care of your auto body vehicle yourself and when to use a local and reliable bike shop.

    Get A Guidebook For Your Vehicle

    Guidebook For Your Vehicle

    It is must if you own a car or bike. Make sure that you get a vehicle guidebook that will assist you on how to manage with certain minor auto repairs. The guidebook is vital to you as the buyer. It will let you know about some of the basic details of your vehicle. These guidebooks can be located online or in any of the local auto body repair store near you.

    Tyre Pressure


    Always make certain to maintain tyre pressure to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. Low air pressure builds the rolling friction, decreasing the economy. Whereas on the other hand, higher pressure results in increased wear and tear of tyres, ending in hard ride quality. Variation in temperature can also alter the air pressure, so it is advised to get it check once a week. Also, tyres may need more pressure, if your vehicle is overload. So make sure to check it always.

    Always Keep Engine Clean


    Vehicle’s pivotal bearings must be reinstated at regular intervals for much better performance. Always check a wheel bearing, they need a proper replacement even if you oil them frequently.

    Maintenance Schedule


    Note that you should always have a proper vehicle maintenance schedule and it is possible only if you have proper co-ordination with your autobody Saskatoon. For instance, it is right for you to have a weekly plan where you have a check over all the fluids. Now you may be wondering that what fluids are we pointing to? We intend engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, washer fluid, and radiator fluid. These all fluids are vital to your auto body vehicle. Assure you fill all these fluids. In a case, if you see that any of the fluid is discoloured, make sure that you drain it and restore it with new fluid.

    Avoid Rash Driving


    You should try driving at a constant pace. Always avoid the sudden brakes and quick speedups, and turn easily. This influences the fuel performance and hinders the engine performance.

    Use The Right Tools


    Using the incorrect tools may lead to the destruction of vehicle’s mechanisms. Make sure always to have a repair kit with you whenever you ride an auto body. Just by considering these tips you will be able to maintain and preserve your vehicle in a much better way. The more precautions you take now, the less trouble you’ll face with your auto body vehicle in future.

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    • JANUARY 23, 2018

    Secrets to Save Your Teeth After a Bike Crash

    Dental injury

    dental injury

    It’s easy to get a tooth knocked out. There are many common reasons for dental injuries. According to a dentist Saskatoon, It includes falling over, being hit in the face, while riding a bike, or having some kind of accident while playing sports. This injury can cause swelling or bleeding in your mouth.
    It may also cause:
    1. Knocked out of position
    2. Knocked out completely
    3. Knocked out partially.

    1. Knocked out partially: If you’re lucky, only a small piece of enamel will be knocked out. It can be repaired easily by visiting the dentist only once. Handle the tooth very carefully. They don’t require a dentist immediately in case your tooth is knocked partially. One should avoid sharp edges that can cut soft oral tissue and for esthetic reasons.

    2. Knocked out of position: If the tooth isn’t badly displaced then visit the dentist immediately. It can be repaired quickly by the root canal process. A root canal is needed to help the tooth restore itself successfully into the mouth.

    3. Knocked out completely: In case the tooth is knocked out completely find the tooth and put it back in the socket. However, if the tooth is dirty immediately rinse it off with milk or water put it in cold milk or a saltwater solution. Never put the tooth in a napkin because it will dry it out and damages the periodontal ligament tissue. Don’t scrape or scrub it because it can harm the tissues and reduce the chances of the tooth reattaching to the jaw.

    Quick first aid for teeth injury

    • The tooth and gap in the mouth should be treated very carefully.
    • Try to stop the bleeding by keeping a wet cloth or paper towel firmly over the wound. The pressure applied to the wound should be gentle.
    • Find the tooth that’s been knocked out and take great care with it.
    • A knocked out tooth should be handled delicately to help it survive.
    • If the tooth is knocked out completely, find it and rinse it off with water and milk.
    • Never put the tooth in a napkin as it will dry it off.
    • Put it in cold milk or a saltwater solution if it is knocked out completely.

    Dental injury prevention

    Many activities lead to tooth injury. Tooth injury is not completely preventable. A well known autobody Saskatoon told that It’s best to wear a fitted mouth guard to protect your teeth. Certain steps need to be followed to prevent the chances of dental injury

    • Don’t chew hard objects such as ice, hard candy, or pens.
    • Don’t clench/grind your teeth.
    • Always wear a fitted mouth guard during riding and playing to protect your teeth
    • If you clench your teeth while sleeping, wear a retainer or mouth guard.
    • Avoid fights.
    • Take childproofing measures such as installing safety gates across stairs and padding table edges.
    • Always wear a seatbelt.
    • Safeguard your home against potential tripping and slipping hazards.
    • Seek education from dental professionals on preventative methods and treatment for tooth trauma.

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    • JANUARY 20, 2018

    BMX World Champion Caroline Buchanan Seriously Injured In Car Crash On This New Year

    A very well-known Olympic cycling star is struggling hard to talk and breathe after getting horrendous injuries in an accident on Saturday. BMX World Champion Caroline Buchanan was seriously injured and left with the broken sternum, collapsed lungs and broken nose after the accident. This unfavourable accident occurred on the midday of December 30, and it is quite understandable that alcohol was not involved this time.

    car crash

    by autobody shop montreal

    There is a report that Buchanan was with her fellow when the vehicle they were in rolled over. No other vehicle was included. Caroline Buchanan is in hospital under the supervision of expert professionals who’re taking intensive care of her. The 27-year-old Champion also posted various pictures of herself on her official Instagram account. In these pictures, you will be able to see her in a neck brace and with blood flooding her face.

    Buchanan put on a strong face for her supporters on social media with a positive information about her healing. She wrote “I wouldn’t say 2017 ended quite as planned,” with her pictures. She also mentioned the words that”I just went to a separate room and everything is going in a positive direction.”

    We’re really pleased to see Caroline Buchanan on the way to improvement. As asked from the autobody shop Montreal who did the analysis of the car said that she was lucky according to condition of the car. You can follow her progress by following her Instagram account.

    Giving healing and positive vibes to Caroline!

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    • JANUARY 11, 2018

    10 Inspirational Quotes To Get You Riding

    1. Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But ride
    2. Cyclists see considerably more of this beautiful world than any other class of citizens. A good bicycle, well applied, will cure most ills this flesh is heir to
    3. When your legs scream stop and your lungs are bursting, that’s when it starts. That’s the hurt locker. Winners love it in there
    4. Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Teach a man to cycle, and he will realize fishing is stupid and boring
    5. A bicycle ride around the world begins with a single pedal stroke
    6. The best rides are the ones where you bite off much more than you can chew, and live through it
    7. Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike
    8. I don’t ride a bike to add days to my life. I ride a bike to add life to my days
    9. Good morale in cycling comes from good legs
    10. When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking

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    • JANUARY 6, 2018

    How This Digital Marketing Agency Went In Encouraging Employees To Bike To Work?

    Inspiring your employees to bike to work can be component of your digital marketing agency’s “green” strategy or merely a way for your workers to be fit and healthy.These days there are several reasons to inspire your workers to seek other transportation to work. Whether it’s taking public transport, walking or biking, the advantages of not running a car each day are much. The most important benefit is the lessened strain on the atmosphere. With this, you can also reduce the carbon footprint of your country. However, by urging your workers to drive a bike—many calgary web design companies are contributing to the physical health of the workers.

    There are some of the tips for you in order to encourage your workers to leave their cars and cycle to the work.

    1) Give reliable cycling training

    A common reason that why people are hesitant to use cycle is because they are concerned about their security. Having a sponsored training program can be a great way of providing people with the courage.

    2) Assure you have safe facilities

    Give secure facilities for individuals to put their bikes. You can also provide such people with washings and changing rooms if possible. You could also consider putting emergency bicycle toolkits at a reception.

    3) Give free bike checks

    Call someone from a neighbourhood bike shop to make a cycle and helmet check for your employees. You could also let the store take in some items to trade. A bike check gathering could work exceptionally well.

    4) Publicize buy-a-bike offers

    Several companies can give commercial incentives for bikes and cycle gear as a component of their worker perks package, enabling staff to get products at a discounted rate. If this is an alternative at your firm, assure information is involved in new beginners’ packs.

    5) Try to make cycling pleasure

    Depending on your place, you could distribute maps of regional rides. Over the summertime, you could create group cycle rides either at break time or after the working hours.

    6) Use worker engagement tools

    Various websites are offering online tools and incentive plans to inspire workers to cycle to work. So, this can benefits you as well.
    Consider these things and you will be able to make a great impact on your employees.

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