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Dental injury

dental injury

It’s easy to get a tooth knocked out. There are many common reasons for dental injuries. According to a dentist Saskatoon, It includes falling over, being hit in the face, while riding a bike, or having some kind of accident while playing sports. This injury can cause swelling or bleeding in your mouth.
It may also cause:
1. Knocked out of position
2. Knocked out completely
3. Knocked out partially.

1. Knocked out partially: If you’re lucky, only a small piece of enamel will be knocked out. It can be repaired easily by visiting the dentist only once. Handle the tooth very carefully. They don’t require a dentist immediately in case your tooth is knocked partially. One should avoid sharp edges that can cut soft oral tissue and for esthetic reasons.

2. Knocked out of position: If the tooth isn’t badly displaced then visit the dentist immediately. It can be repaired quickly by the root canal process. A root canal is needed to help the tooth restore itself successfully into the mouth.

3. Knocked out completely: In case the tooth is knocked out completely find the tooth and put it back in the socket. However, if the tooth is dirty immediately rinse it off with milk or water put it in cold milk or a saltwater solution. Never put the tooth in a napkin because it will dry it out and damages the periodontal ligament tissue. Don’t scrape or scrub it because it can harm the tissues and reduce the chances of the tooth reattaching to the jaw.

Quick first aid for teeth injury

  • The tooth and gap in the mouth should be treated very carefully.
  • Try to stop the bleeding by keeping a wet cloth or paper towel firmly over the wound. The pressure applied to the wound should be gentle.
  • Find the tooth that’s been knocked out and take great care with it.
  • A knocked out tooth should be handled delicately to help it survive.
  • If the tooth is knocked out completely, find it and rinse it off with water and milk.
  • Never put the tooth in a napkin as it will dry it off.
  • Put it in cold milk or a saltwater solution if it is knocked out completely.

Dental injury prevention

Many activities lead to tooth injury. Tooth injury is not completely preventable. A well known autobody Saskatoon told that It’s best to wear a fitted mouth guard to protect your teeth. Certain steps need to be followed to prevent the chances of dental injury

  • Don’t chew hard objects such as ice, hard candy, or pens.
  • Don’t clench/grind your teeth.
  • Always wear a fitted mouth guard during riding and playing to protect your teeth
  • If you clench your teeth while sleeping, wear a retainer or mouth guard.
  • Avoid fights.
  • Take childproofing measures such as installing safety gates across stairs and padding table edges.
  • Always wear a seatbelt.
  • Safeguard your home against potential tripping and slipping hazards.
  • Seek education from dental professionals on preventative methods and treatment for tooth trauma.

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